Jamie Gosling Football Academy’s Centre of Excellence is a ground-breaking initiative for elite players in the region aged 8-16.

JGFA Centre of Excellence further enhances the development of the most talented young players in Far North Queensland, and delivers unrivalled coaching and support.

Registered JGFA players aged from 8-16 years are assessed for suitability into the program during terms at the academy, therefore only players registered at JGFA are eligible for this program. During terms, JGFA players are assessed to find the most suitable players for the Centre of Excellence, with letters of offer sent out to selected players towards the end of each term – this encourages our players to work hard and stay dedicated to excelling in the game.

The hour-long sessions are held on Friday afternoons throughout the year.

Our expert and highly-qualified coaches demand the following criteria be met in order to participate in the program:​

  • Technique (all aspects)
  • Motivation
  • Speed and agility
  • Player intelligence
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Skills.

Centre of Excellence Mission Statement
JGFA Centre of Excellence aspires to provide the highest quality football training with the objective of maximising the individual player’s potential. Our focus is on individual skill development, instilling discipline, confidence with the ball, a higher work ethic, and greater expectations within the individual.

Understanding that football is a game that is meant to be played with spirit and joy, we are committed to providing a structured environment where the player can excel.

We encourage each player to use their imagination and creativity. We also encourage taking risks, explaining that making mistakes is a natural part of the game, and assist in improving their decision-making ability under pressure.

While our programs are geared towards individual skill development, we actively work to create a sense of game application so that our players are able to assimilate what they learned into their competitive games.

Our chosen Centre of Excellence players are provided ongoing feedback and individualised guidance throughout our sessions, which allows for accelerated learning.

The expectations of a JGFA Centre of Excellence player are showing maximum effort, application, time keeping, focus and concentration. Player development and coaching will include report cards and constant/continual individual player assessment.

Jamie’s vision for the Centre of Excellence

  • I must strive to develop elite football skills and technique in children because with those qualities, you can counter and overcome sheer strength. That is a valuable lesson in life for the physically strong, and the not so strong as they grow up.
  • I want to encourage good sportsmanship and team spirit. I think it is vitally important to be good people on and off the pitch.
  • I believe with my experience and knowledge, I can really develop junior talent in the Far North Queensland region.
  • I will create an atmosphere and environment that encourages creativity and experimentation, while providing a quality learning experience which enforces a players passion for the game.
  • My mission and aim is to get the very best out of our Centre of Excellence players individually by implementing professional training sessions, building upon their talent and skills.
  • After working with me, young local players will be highly prepared for the future challenges and competition as well as learning new skills and techniques.
  • I will work on the things I know are important and try to make sure they learn to play the beautiful game the right way, which promotes individual skill and brilliance but also working in a team framework. I believe in a passing game where we play from the back and want everyone who plays to be comfortable on the ball, even the goalkeepers and defenders.
  • While taking football seriously, discipline, and hard work are all important to the growth of a young player, if coached the wrong way and all about instant results and improvement, it can lead to a player losing their desire to play, and ultimately stopping their progress and losing confidence.

ENROL NOW: Register your child as a JGFA player or email us at [email protected] for more information how your child can be selected for the JGFA Centre of Excellence.