As a mentor and coach, I seek to install the love and enjoyment of football in young children.

Discovering the fun and fulfillment of football when young is a pleasure that lasts a lifetime, whether as a player or spectator. I strive to develop elite soccer skills and technique in children because with those qualities, you can counter and overcome sheer strength. That is a valuable lesson in life for the physically strong, and the not so strong as they grow up.

I want to encourage good sportsmanship and team spirit in children. I think it’s vitally important to be good people on and off the pitch, something that is sometimes lacking in the modern game. Lessons learnt on the playing field are far more positive than any lessons a child might learn on the streets. I believe with my experience and knowledge, I can really develop junior talent in the FNQ region.

I create an atmosphere and environment that encourages creativity, experimentation and fun, while providing a quality learning experience which enforces a players love for the game. My mission and aim is to get the very best out of children individually by implementing professional training sessions, building upon their talent and skills. After working with me, young local players will be highly prepared for future challenges and competition, as well as learning new skills, tricks and techniques. There is a very delicate line with young athletes and there has to be the right balance of learning and fun. Any coach can drum into kids the correct drills, practices and beliefs, but if the fun and enjoyment starts to fade, then so will their love for the game and talent.

I work on the things I know are important and try to make sure they learn to play the beautiful game the right way, which promotes individual skill and brilliance but also working in a team framework. I believe in a passing game, where we play from the back and want everyone who plays to be comfortable on the ball, even the goalkeeper and defenders.

It is important to learn the correct techniques and use the right practices from a young age, as if this isn’t being coached correctly, the child will inevitably learn and develop bad habits, which can be hard to break. Practice makes permanent. While taking football seriously, discipline and hard work are all important to the growth of a young player. If coached the wrong way and if it’s all about instant results and improvement, it can stop being fun and start feeling like a pressure. This can lead to a child losing their desire to play, ultimately stopping their progress and losing confidence, which is why so many young children stop playing competitive sports after the age of 13.

It is important for coaches and parents to not make children feel they are letting them down, as this is the most common reason they stop playing. I want to help children develop, whilst having fun and feeling free to express themselves and make sure they play without fear.