Enhance your game with expert, private sessions with Jamie or one of his Senior Coaches.

​Jamie Gosling and his team offers very dedicated individual one-on-one sessions and small group sessions for players really wishing to enhance their skills and performance.

They work on aspects that can’t really be worked on in bigger group sessions with your clubs, and can concentrate on individuals and plan sessions geared for those individuals or small groups.

It’s the perfect chance for the coaches to see what they think you need to improve on and work with you on these areas, as well as enhancing your better qualities.

These are very structured and organised sessions that require hard work and a commitment to listen, and have the will to want to improve and become a better player technically and mentally.

JGFA’s private sessions are also about giving players confidence and a belief in themselves, which is just as important as having the skills and technique to perform at a high level.

We encourage children to play without fear and express themselves as players.

Jamie has built up a solid base of private clients during his time in FNQ, and hopes to expand that even further.

Time slots can vary, but usually these sessions are run on weekends.

If interested, please call Jamie directly on 0450 181 626 or email JGFA to discuss time slots and availability.

Prices (per hour)

  • 1 person – $70
  • 2 people – $50 each
  • 3 people – $45 each
  • 4 or more – $40 each